Hannes Hochreiner

IT skills

Business Analyst


I have participated in several projects to establish the business workflows and to facilitate the process of finding new IT solutions. Whether they are projects spanning many months or quick improvements, it is always interesting to get a deeper understanding of how the business works.

  • Survey of the system landscape of a department
  • Leading of interviews during the need finding and contribution to the synthesis for a new clinical data repository
  • Redesign and document the user access process for a visualization system

IT Project Manager


I have been working as an IT Project Manager on several projects in regulated (GxP) and unregulated environments. Furthermore, I have conducted studies on different IT topics and led an RfP. I have experience with small to mid-sized projects covering a variety of life-cycle stages (study, RfP, implementation, migration).

  • RfP for a data management system (GLP)
  • Migration of a LIMS to central IT (GLP)
  • Improvement of data pipelines (GCP)

Requirements Engineer


Requirements Engineering has been my constant companion over the last years. I have experience with simple and pragmatic requirements documents as well as comprehensive and detailed specifications. The constant demand for this skill in my work is the reason I obtained certification in this area and continue seeking training.

  • Detailed URS for a LIMS
  • Medium sized requirements document for the partial automation of a scheduling and tracking process

Software Architect


A good understanding of software architecture is a valuable skill for me in many of my roles. My experience as a programmer and the training I obtained have facilitated my development in this area.

  • Architecture for LIMS

System Administrator

professional & hobby

During my tenure as a System Administrator, I was in charge of maintaining rich client systems running on Windows provided using Citrix. Privately, I am maintaining several Linux systems.

  • Windows Server 2008 & 2012
  • Linux (Fedora)


professional & hobby

I started programming more than 20 years ago. After starting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create websites, I moved on to writing scientific software using C++ during my PhD. At work, I have used VB.NET, C#, and Knockout.js to create desktop and web applications with database backends. For my personal projects, I prefer to develop (offline) web applications with modern web frameworks for the frontend and server-side JavaScript and Rust in combination with document dbs for the backend.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js
  • PostgreSQL, Oracle, CouchDB
  • C++, C#, Rust

Open Source Contributor


Over the years, there have been some occasions on which I was able to contribute to the programs I use. These include an even mix of bug fixes and new features.

DevOps Engineer


For my personal applications, I set up a cloud-hosted server where the systems are run in containers. Security is provided via a reverse SSL proxy. The access is controlled using authentication services. To facilitate quick development iterations, I configured automatic CI/CD pipelines.

Hardware Developer


A few years ago, I became interested in electronics. After tinkering with through-hole parts on bread-boards, I meanwhile graduated to designing my own PCBs to use finer pitch SMDs. A tangible outcome of these efforts is the wireless sensor network I established at home to measure temperature, relative humidity, and pressure.

  • SensorNet
  • nRF52810, STM32, AVR
  • Assembly, C, Rust
  • HopeRF RFM, FTDI USB bridge, SHT3, BME280
  • KiCad

Network Technician


In my spare time, I like to improve my home network, to get some experience with network technologies. I have set up segregated zones for WAN, LAN, and WLAN using VLANs with access via VPNs.

  • VLAN
  • WireGuard, OpenVPN
  • Firewall
  • Managed router